CTX is a member company of a large industrial group, Fluidra, that specialises in the use of technology to develop innovative, high quality products.

For more than 40 years, the company has been innovating in fields as varied as iron and steel, plastic injection, fluid conduction and lighting. Consult all of the fields we specialise in at www.fluidraindustry.com

Water treatment

In the field of water treatment, where CTX is a market leader, we own one of the most important companies in the sector, Inquide.

As part of the Fluidra Industry Group, Inquide is the company that specialises in solutions for chemical product formulation, primarily in the water treatment sector.

Inquide focuses primarily on the swimming pool market, where it provides solutions for both public and private swimming pools. Thanks to its experience and the quality of its products, the company is a supplier to the sector’s leading brands.

European manufacturerISO9001_ISO14001_GB__RGB

Inquide is a European manufacturer: our offices, factories, laboratories and other facilities are located in Europe. This guarantees that we are able to meet European quality standards for the production, sale and distribution of our products as well as environmental standards.

The company holds quality assurance and environmental certifications:

INQUIDE 14001 en INQUIDE 14001 en A

INQUIDE 9001 en INQUIDE 9001 en A