Benefits of ultraviolet disinfection

UV-Health ultraviolet ray systems by CTX are one of the best methods for disinfecting water as an alternative or complement to chlorine, thanks to the basic principle of physics that energy acts as a germicide. The ultraviolet light of the UV-Health system emitted by the special quartz lamps is lethal for microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, algae, etc.)


In addition to the effective germicidal action of the UV rays, the other UV radiation that is emitted causes the photochemical degradation of some substances such as chloramines. The ultraviolet rays emit strong electromagnetic energy and are naturally present in sunlight. With wave lengths between 100 and 400 (nm), ultraviolet rays are invisible rays on the shortwave scale.

The dose for public pools is 80 ml/cm2. In order for the UV-Health system to be as efficient as possible, it is very important for the filtering system to be the right one for the swimming pool. We recommend the use of residual disinfectant as a supplement to the UV-Health system in order to guarantee continuous disinfection of the water while the UV-Health equipment is switched off.

Medium pressure UV Health equipment for use in a public pool.

Bodegón-UV-HealthThese lamps cover a broad spectrum from approximately 240 to 310 nm, which is effective in reducing the chloramines present in the water. High tolerance to temperature changes.

The equipment disinfects and eliminates chloramines from pool water. This is an extremely safe and ecological disinfection method, which means there is no chlorine odor, skin irritation or red eyes and the pool is protected against bacteria, algae, pathogenic germs, etc.

The length of the stainless steel pipe, polished on the inside by electrolysis, provides 35% more UV-C radiation by reflection than any other system. The electric panel includes radiation readings and temperature control.

The UV-C lamps installed in our equipment last for 6,000 hours. They are supplied with universal PVC connections to facilitate installation and maintenance.