CTX-70 Surfosan

Multi-surface cleanser

  • Does not alter water metrics
  • Respectful with surfaces
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CTX-70 SurfoSAN® cleans all types of non-hospital surfaces (swimming pools, saunas, solariums, changing rooms, showers, schools, ...):
- Does not contain bleach.
- It has excellent detergent power
- Neutral pH product, suitable for all types of surfaces (floors, walls, ceilings,
benches in showers, saunas, locker rooms, pool entrances, etc. by spraying) and materials (plastics, metal, glass, ceramics, stone, porcelain, etc.). It's not corrosive.
- Without aldehydes.
- With deodorant action and pleasant pine aroma.
- Non-ADR product (for land transport of dangerous goods) in formats ≤ 5 L.
Contains: benzalkonium chloride and isopropyl alcohol aldehyde-free

CODE Description
05453 CTX-70 SurfoSan 5l
05454 CTX-70 SurfoSan 25l
73941 CTX-70 SurfoSan 1l
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Instructions for use


The consumption of the product (by spraying on the surface to be treated) is approximately 55
– 60g per m2.
These doses are indicative and can be modified according to the hardness and the content
in water salts.

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