Constant flow combined pH and redox membrane dosing pumps. They come with a device for measuring and regulating redox and pH levels. The micro-controller has an ON/OFF switch and a proportional dosing system. The electrode, the cable, the buffer solutions and the electrode holder must be purchased separately.
Ideal for: Public and private pools.
Added value: Unbeatable accuracy. Low maintenance. For wall or floor assembly. Easy and safe to work. Made of the most resistant materials.
Do not require oiling.
Recommended use: When air appears in the suction tube it should be let out through the outlet valve. Before openingthe valve, connect a tube from the outlet to a bucket to avoid splashing from chemical products. Re-adjust the pH electrode whenever the reading on the pump?s display screen differs from photometric tests taken of the water from the pool basin. If the device has to be winterised, the pH electrode should be kept in a storage solution or tap water. When the power is switched on for the first time, the pH indicator light will flash on and off. Press OK for the pump to run as a pH regulator. Otherwise, the + and – buttons can be used to shift the settings to redox. Once selected, press OK for the pump to work as a redox combination pump. If the redox mode is selected instead of the pH mode by mistake or vice versa, switching modes is very easy. Press the MENU/OK button plus ESC at the same time to reset the pump to the desired mode. Basically, the device delivers the functions of a pH and a redox pump in a single model.

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46773 Class dosing pump Combi pH / Rx 10 l / h 5 bar View spares