Pool start-up must be performed at the beginning of every season.


It is important to follow the correct procedure to avoid problems during the swimming season:

1. Check that your pool equipment (pump, filter, etc.) is working properly.

2. Empty the pool if necessary and clean the shell using the CTX-51 extra strong de-scaler. The cleaning of the shell should be performed when there is little sunlight, and the pool walls and bottom kept humid. Apply the CTX-51 extra strong de-scaler. Then let the product act for half an hour and rinse with water. ALWAYS get advice from a pool professional before emptying a swimming pool – in areas of high water table, emptying your pool could damage your pool shell.

3. Fill the pool once the shell is clean.

4. Perform a chlorine shock treatment using CTX- 200GR ClorShock granules (15 gr per m3 of water) or fast-action CTX-250 ClorShock 20 gr tablets (1 or 2 tablets per m3 of water. If it takes more than a day to fill your pool, it is recommended to stagger the dose of the CTX- 200GR ClorShock granules or the CTX-250 ClorShock tablets during the operation.

5. Test the pH level of the water and if necessary adjust it to between 7.2 and 7.6 using the CTX- 10 pH- pH reducer or the CTX-20 pH+ pH enhancer.

At this point, the swimming season can begin and the regular maintenance programme can be started.