Slow-dissolving multi-action granules. Suitable as a one-off treatment
Ideal for: All pool types.
Added value: Acts as a chlorine disinfectant, a flocculant and an algaecide in a single action. In addition, its stabilising
action prevents the disinfectant from breaking down due to UV radiation.
Recommended use: Add 15 g of CTX-200-GR ChlorShock dichlor granules per m3 of water. Leave for 2 hours and then adjust
the water?s pH to between 7.2 and 7.6 using CTX-10pH- or CTX-20pH+. Once the water?s pH has been adjusted, add 1 to 2 g ofCTX-390-GRGr MultiAction per m3 of water.

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07896 CTX-390-GR MultiAction (granules) 1 Kg.
07897 CTX-390-GR MultiAction (granules) 5 Kg.
19196 CTX-390-GR MultiAction (granules) 25 Kg.
CTX-390-GR MultiAction (granules) 1 Kg.
CTX-390-GR MultiAction (granules) 5 Kg.
CTX-390-GR MultiAction (granules) 25 Kg.
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