Dispenser with automatic chlorine and pH control

These days, who doesn’t look out for available products which make life easier? There is also a large range of options for the pool, when it comes to automating the laborious job of maintaining and disinfecting it perfectly.

Automatic dispensing and chemical product control is a step forward compared to manual methods and is compatible with other treatments. The levels in the pool are determined by a free chlorine or redox probe and a pH electrode. These measurements are analysed by a control device which has previously been set by the operator with the optimum free chlorine and pH values.

The control device acts on dispensing pumps to release exactly the right amount, according to precise values, in a very short response time. In this way, chlorine treatment is completely effective and controlled. For chlorine treatment, this is the best possible solution.

This system is very appropriate for public or large volume swimming pools. In fact, it could be said to be the most logical treatment for these and is a must when it comes to chlorine dispensing. Small private pools are also not ruled out, although the additional cost may persuade some to opt for an alternative treatment type, such as salt chlorination, ultraviolet or ozone.

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The new GuardianNext combines the traditional elements of control and dispensing with a total digital control of the values. This helps you to manage the parameters of the pool and its records in order to analyse or detect possible errors. It is remarkable for its high performance in controlling and regulating chemical products for use in private or public swimming pools. Electronic control box with potentiometric measurements of pH and redox, with potential or selective amperometric measurement of chlorine.

Class dispensing pumps


Membrane pump with constant dispensing and manually adjustable flow with potentiometer to determine injection frequency.

Regulation range from 0 to 100% and from 0-20%.

Ideal for: Public swimming pools.
High precision.
Minimal maintenance.
With wall mounting or free-standing.
Simple and safe functioning.
Made of resistant materials.
Requires no lubrication.

This equipment must be directed by a control and regulation device with an analogue output of 4-20 mA.