About CTX Pro®

CTX Pro, the caring formula

Pool experts always by your side for a perfect experience.


We have been one of the leading makers of water treatments in Europe since 1963. With a presence in more than 50 countries worldwide, we specialize in chemical products.


Over the past 45 years, launching high quality, sustainable products in the market has been our hallmark. With countless patents, as a result of our ongoing research, our aim is to continue to be market leaders by delivering the best solutions for water treatment.

Water, our core concern


We deliver total excellence in all our lines of business as the brand leader in the care and treatment of pool water.


Our wide range of water care products gives both the most demanding of professionals in the pool business and private pool owners the peace of mind that they are in the best hands, those of an expert in water treatment.


CTX has a full range of chemical and water testing products, control and dosing systems, and disinfection units that deliver unbeatable pool care and enjoyment. 


We care for water, we care for you

As a brand, we have clearly embraced a spirit of achievement and commitment to our customers. Driven by these values, we conduct our business in the pool water care and treatment segment of the market.


We are continually striving to improve so that our customers are able to enjoy a higher degree of quality. 

Our customers endorse us: 

Made in Europe

Inquide is a company in the group that manufactures CTX Pro’s chemical and water testing products. 


Inquide is a European manufacturing company. Our offices, production plants, laboratories and other facilities are based in Europe, thus guaranteeing that all of our products meet European quality standards in terms of manufacture, marketing and distribution, as well as in terms of utmost respect for the environment. Inquide is a company endorsed by the Quality Assurance and Environmental certificates awarded to it.