Always by your side

Sincé 1963, we have been one of the leading pool chemical product manufacturers and distributors in the world with operations in over 40 countries, through a network of companies owned by Fluidra and sold in over 170 countries.

As a leader in design and technological innovation, over the past 45 years we have become known for launching high quality, sustainable products in the market through the use of the latest most energy efficient materials.

With a large number of patents as a result of our ongoing research the world over, our aim is to maintain our position as a market leader by both delivering the best solutions for pools in the world and an unrivalled service to our customers.

Water: our core concern

We deliver total excellence in all our lines of business as the indisputable Brand leader in the care and treatment of pool water. Backed up by the trust our customers have placed in us for over 40 years, we are continuing to expand our product range through our daily research.

Our extensive range of POOL CARE products give both the most demanding of professionals in the pool business and private pool owners the peace of mind that they are in the best hands. Those of a leader.

We distribute chemical products and water tests, control and dosing systems, disinfection devices, environmentally friendly heating, cleaning systems, LED lighting and a select range of equipment and accessories that enable users to care for their pools and derive the best posible enjoyment from them.

We take care of water, we take care of you

As a company, we have clearly embraced a spirit of achievement and a commitment to our customers. Driven by these values, we conduct our business in the pool water care and treatment segment of the market.

We are continually striving to improve so that our customers are able to enjoy a higher degree of quality and service at all times. This is our main goal and we devote time and resources to attaining it.