This disinfection system improves water quality and saves you from having to handle and store dangerous chemical products. It is a safe and totally automatic treatment system that simplifies pool maintenance.

For public pools, it is a mistake to measure the size of the salt electrolysis system required based exclusively on the cubic meters of water. You also need to know how many swimmers use the pool on a daily basis and the environmental conditions (outdoor, indoor, etc.).

If you are considering an electrolysis system for a pool, our Technical Department can help you find the most suitable equipment for your needs. We work with all sizes of commercial swimming pools.


Since there are no dangerous chemicals involved, there is no risk of contamination by highly toxic products and no need to store flammable products.


The salt in the water is regenerated automatically. Because there is no by-product build-up, the water does not need to be changed as frequently.
90% of the cost of chemicals is eliminated.  All you will need is stabiliser (the first time) and pH reducer.

The addition of a salt electrolysis system will reduce the cost of operating a public swimming pool by about 50-60% compared to traditional systems, which means that it will pay for itself within 3-5 years.


With more efficient disinfection, the water quality is higher which improves the swimming experience and reduces skin, nose and eye irritation.

The only product you will need to add to the water is regular salt with a salinity content similar to that of a teardrop (4-6 gr./L.).

In addition, these systems are very environmentally friendly thanks to the water that is saved on a daily basis due to the absence of residual cyanuric acid.

High performance systems for spas, marinas, public swimming pools, hotels, etc.