Hardness Stabilizer

Prevents limescale build-up

  • Removes and prevents limescale build-up.
  • Helps prevent filter clogging and corrosion of the metal parts of the circulation and filtration system.
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Dispersing and inhibiting product, which eliminates and avoids incrustations, it also helps to prevent the obstruction of the filters and the corrosion of the metal parts of the recirculation and filtration system.
Initial treatment: This is carried out at the beginning of the bathing season or when the SPA water is renewed. Two cases are distinguished:

- For water hardness less than or equal to 35º F: Add 20 ml. of product per m3 of water.
- For water hardness higher than 35º F: Add 25 ml. of product per m3 of water.
(1 cap = 20mL)

Maintenance Treatment: Add 1 capful of product per 1 m³ of water once a week.

These doses are for guidance only and can be modified depending on the hardness and salt content of the water.

In those SPAs with a hardness higher than 45º F and a water temperature equal to or higher than 25ºC, the dosage should be increased by 25 to 50%.

IMPORTANT: In all cases where the water contains iron, it is important to add the product before chlorination or any oxidising treatment. Dilute the required amount of product in a container with water and spread this solution evenly over the entire surface of the spa, keeping the filtration device running.

CODE Description
75978 CTX-913 SPA Sensations hardness stabilizer 1l
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