Granulate Chlorine

Chlorine treatment to disinfect SPA water

  • Stable chlorine, longer duration in water.
  • Its high solubility in water allows the required amount of residual chlorine to be obtained quickly.
  • Does not change the pH.
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Fast-dissolving, highly stabilised organic compound for water treatment in SPAs.
Initial treatment: Add 15 - 20 g of product per m3 of water. After 2 hours, adjust the pH of the water to between 7.2 - 7.8 using pH Reducer or pH Increaser.

Maintenance Treatment: With the pH of the water adjusted, add 1 to 3 g of product per m³ of water daily.

These doses are for guidance only and can be modified depending on the characteristics of each SPA, climate, etc.

The initial treatment (Superchlorination) should be repeated whenever a lack of transparency in the water is observed.

Introduce the necessary dose of product into a skimmer, then start up the filtration equipment, so that the product can be dissolved as the water circulates through the skimmer.

The dose of product can also be distributed evenly over the surface of the spa. The addition of the product should preferably be done at dusk and without the presence of bathers in the spa water.

The residual chlorine must be at the same value as indicated on the analytical strips. This control shall be carried out at least twice a day.

CODE Description
75980 CTX-922 Granulate Chlorine 1 Kg
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