CTX-51 WallCleaner Plus

Cleans the pool basin

  • Removes dirt, metal, and lime from the pool surface
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Detergent cleaner developed to eliminate calcareous incrustations, organic residues and mineral sediments formed in the pool surface.

CODE Description
03124 5 l
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Instructions for use


1) General cleaning of the empty pool.
a) Ensure the pool is drained. Do not dilute the product before applying directly onto surfaces that need
b) Leave the product for approximately half an hour, and then rinse with plenty of water. If the scale persists
the treatment must be repeated.
c) In parts where the incrustations are very dense the action of the product can be helped by scrubbing with a
Apply the product with spray that does not form a mist or with a watering can.

2) Cleaning of the filters.
This treatment is only for sand filters.
A) Empty the water from the interior of the filter completely.
B) Open the filter and pour in the product making sure the product is covering the filtering load.
C) Allow the product to react for approximately half an hour.
D) Close the filter and then proceed with an intense wash.

1) Before cleaning the inside of the pool, its surfaces (floor, tiles, ceramic tiles, etc.) must be well
dampened with water.
2) After cleaning with the product the surfaces should be rinsed with plenty of water to remove all traces
of the product.
3) If cleaning is carried out in the open air, avoid working in direct sunlight and ensure that the product is
not allowed to dry.
4) When the pool is first being cleaned it is recommended that the product be used in its undiluted form.


Add 20 liters of product for every 100m3 of water.
These doses are the ones suggested and can be modified according to the own characteristics of every
swimming pool, climate, etc.

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Product data sheet

  • Product Data Sheet CTX-51 WallCleaner Plus EN


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