CTX-53 WallCleaner Liner

Cleans the pool basin.

  • Detergent cleaner specially formulated to remove the limescale, organic residues, and mineral sediments that form over time and attach to pool surfaces.
  • Special for liner or polyester pools.
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Liquid cleaning product specially designed for the elimination of calcareous encrustations, organic residues and mineral sediments which form with time and which adhere to the surfaces of swimming pools (beaches, floating lines, steps, etc.) built in polyester and fibreglass.
It is a product designed for cleaning the pool’s glass. It works by rapidly penetrating and removing stains of oxides, fumes and various dirt.

CODE Description
07883 5 l
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Instructions for use


1- General cleaning of empty swimming pools:
Apply undiluted product to the surfaces to be cleaned, spreading the product all over walls and bottom. Let the
product penetrate for approximately 1⁄2 hour and then rinse with abundant water. If the encrustation persists,
repeat the operation.
In areas where the incrustation is very acute, it is advisable to assist the action of the product by scrubbing the
area with a brush.

2.- Surface Cleaning:
Use the product pure or in a 10-20% aqueous solution, depending on the type of dirt to be removed. Apply by
spraying, flooding or soaking, leaving it to act as long as necessary.

- Do not use:
The product should not be applied on ceramic, vitrified, chrome, galvanized or tin-plated surfaces.


Consumption of this product is 20L for each 100m3 of water.
These doses are the ones suggested and can be modified according to the own characteristics of every
swimming pool, climate, etc.

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