CTX-56 Netoline

Cleans the waterline.

  • Gel detergent specially formulated to remove oil, dirt, and limescale from pool edges, walls and surrounds as required.
  • Due to gel consistency it sticks to the walls, preventing splash-back
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Acid detergent specially formulated to eliminate grease circles, filth and calcareous deposits from the swimming-pool edges, walls and required surrounding areas.

It completely dissolves calcareous deposits and metallic oxide stains. It does not give off either damaging smoke nor steam. It is easily applicable on vertical surfaces with a paintbrush or a roller. Unlike the cleaning products commonly used, this one allows to increase the product performance. Due to its consistency, it sticks on the walls and does not splash the users.

CODE Description
38811 5 l
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Instructions for use


Apply the product without diluting it in a cloth or a sponge and rub the areas to clean. In case there is persistent filth in the areas near the waterfront, it is advisable to make the water fall down in order to get a greater effectiveness.


The approximate consumption is about 15 litres for every 100 m3 of the swimming-pool water,
depending on
the degree of dirtiness.
These doses are the ones suggested and can be modified according to the own characteristics of
every swimming pool, climate, etc.

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Product data sheet


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