CTX-37 Xtreme Floc

Shock treatment to completely remove particles from the water.

  • For crystal-clear water
  • Slow and controlled dissolution
  • Coagulant and flocculant action
  • Improves filter and disinfectant output
  • Removes metal ions like iron and manganese and eliminates organic matter
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Double-action polymeric product: “coagulant” and “flocculant”. It is especially formulated to obtain a higher efficiency in the filtration of water with the purifier system.
This product is a slow dissolution tablet that totally eliminates floating elements that are not kept by the filter. The result is complete transparency of the swimming pool water. The tablet swells when in contact with water creating a gelatinous mass that dissolves slowly to dose the necessary quantity of product to keep water clear.
In addition, it removes metal ions, such as iron and manganese, as well as organic matter. Xtreme Floc provides less soluble aluminum content, reduces the consumption of the products used in disinfection and does not clog the filters.

CODE Description
60045 20 units
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Instructions for use


Check that the pH is well adjusted between 7.2 and 7.6 and proceed to backwash the filter. Subsequently, place the necessary tablets in the skimmer basket and if possible place it inside the skimmer so that it has a greater flow of water.


Recovering treatment: Add 5 tablets of product in swimming pools not bigger than 100 m3 (cloudy water).

Maintenance treatment: Add 2 tablets of product in swimming pools not bigger than 100 m3 every week.

These doses are the ones suggested and can be modified according to the own characteristics of every
swimming pool, climate, etc.

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Product data sheet

  • Product Data Sheet CTX-37 Xtreme Floc EN


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