CTX-42 Flocculant tablets 100g

Removes particles from the water

  • Crystal-clear water
  • Coagulant action
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Flocculant tablets have the property of forming floccules in the water at the filter inlet, these floccules are
deposited on the surface of the filter load retaining all suspended particles found in the pool water.

CODE Description
03119 CTX-42 Flocculant 5 Kg
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Instructions for use


Adjust the pH of the pool and wash the filtration equipment. Then place the necessary product cartridges inside the skimmer baskets.


-Pools from 10 to 50 m3 : 1 tablet of product every 10 days.
-Pools from 50 to 100 m3 : 2 tablets of product every 10 days.
-Pools from 100 to 150 m3 : 3 tablets of product every 10 days.

These doses are for guidance only and can be modified according to the characteristics of each pool, climate, etc.

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Product data sheet


Safety Data Sheet

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