CTX-551c WinterStar Power

Complete winter treatment

  • Prevents the proliferation of algae and bacteria
  • Non-foaming
  • Easy to use with measuring bottle
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Product for the maintenance of water in open-air pools during the winter period, avoiding the intense proliferation of algae and bacteria, which cause water putrefaction and the formation of calcareous sediments.
Compatible with all types of disinfection treatments and with all filtration systems. WinterStar Power does not generate foam, is totally soluble in water and is copper-free, therefore it does not stain liner, polyester or vinyl pools.

As a highly concentrated product, it has the following benefits. It is more environmentally friendly as less raw materials, packaging and energy are used in its production. In addition, the product has a built-in dosing cap which makes it easier to have an exact control of the product used and safer to handle, as there is no contact with the chemical product. All this makes this product convenient, clean and easy to use.

CODE Description
63163 1 l
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Instructions for use


Always adjust the pH before adding chlorine to the water to make it as effective as possible.
Pour the necessary dose of product directly into the pool water.
It is necessary to put the filtration equipment in operation, the sufficient time to obtain a good distribution of the
product in the water.

STEP 1 : Hold the bottle upside down so that the dosing chamber can be filled.
STEP 2 : Unscrew the cap of the bottle.
STEP 3 : Empty the dosing chamber.

"SPECIFIC USE". : For a specific volume, tilt the bottle and determine the desired dosage.


At the end of the bathing season and without having stopped the maintenance treatment, perform a superchlorination with ctx200gr ClorShock (15 grs./m3). The next day, when the pH value of the water is between 7.2 - 7.4, pour 1 l of product per 50 m3 of water.

It is advisable to repeat the addition of the product in the middle of the winter season.

This dose is indicative and can be modified depending on the characteristics of each pool, climate, etc..

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Product data sheet

  • Product Data Sheet CTX-551c WinterStar Power EN


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