The quality of CTX now available for spas

Posted on Sunday, 24 April 2022

CTX® Pro launches SPA SENSATIONS, a complete range of specific products for residential spa treatment with innovative and user-friendly packaging.


Now, with SPA SENSATIONS you can take care of your spa with products that integrate perfectly into the home thanks to a minimalist aesthetic line inspired by the spa, with colours in soft tones and graphic elements that transmit calm and serenity.

Discover the new SPA Sensations range

We are aware of the importance of caring for the environment. Therefore, our bottles are made from 50% recycled plastic, following the company's sustainability parameters, which are part of the sustainability commitments to reduce the emission of waste in the production of all its products.


In addition, it comes in practical 1-litre containers, making it easy to store and adapt to the user's needs.


SPA SENSATIONS is a complete range of products that takes into account each and every aspect needed to keep a residential spa in perfect condition: products and measuring strips for perfect water balance, disinfection with chlorine or bromine, Crystal Clear to maintain crystal clear water, cleaning products and an essential antifoam for the perfect maintenance of the spa water.

In addition, the range also includes a complete SPA maintenance KIT with bromine.

Discover the new range of products to care for your spa and enjoy clean, pure water.