App CTX IphoneThe expert by your side

CTX’s new App will always be with you to help you with the care and maintenance of your pool. An easy and convenient guide that will enable you to analyse the condition of the water at all times and immediately receive the recommendations of an expert.

Thanks to the Pool Care App you can:

 • Immediately receive an individual diagnosis of the condition of the water in your pool. By entering the basic characteristics of the pool and the main parameters such as pH and disinfectant level, you will receive an exact recipe with the actions to be performed indicating both the product and the quantity and form of dosage to be used.

• Find out the most accurate solutions for the treatment of potential problems arising from the use of the pool. Find out how to deal with an algae problem, how to get perfect transparency, how to remove excess dirt, etc.

• Read tips and advice for maintaining optimal water condition both during use and in the winter. Avoid having to drain the water and find out how to keep it in perfect condition thanks to the Hibernation program

• Discover the fullest range of products for pool care and disinfection. At CTX we take care of the water and we take care of you.

• Take the opportunity to contact us and our experts who will answer any questions as quickly as possible.

• Find out where to buy the CTX Pool Care product range through the Authorized Distributors Locator.

Download it for free through Apple Store or Google Play, and all of our knowledge and experience will be in your hands.


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