CTX-24 OxyChock SPA is a chlorine-free disinfectant in granule form that destroys any organic contaminants that may be found in spas.

Ideal for: Spas.

Added value: Disinfects without causing the irritation to the skin and mucous membranes that other disinfectants can cause.

Recommended use: Shock treatment. Add 3 teaspoons of the product per m3 of water. It is recommended that the treatment

be carried out every 15–20 days or whenever the water starts to become cloudy. Evenly spread the amount of product needed across the surface of the spa water. Never use the product if there

are bathers in the spa. Once the water has been treated, bathers can return to the water 15 minutes later.

  • Codes
Code Description Spare parts Documents BIM
22432 CTX-24 (oxygen in granules for spas) 1 Kg.
CTX-24 (oxygen in granules for spas) 1 Kg.