Eucalyptus and mint essences. Thanks to their essential oils and refreshing aromas, they relax the muscles in the respiratory tract and improve breathing. Product suitable for refreshing a sauna after it has been cleaned and disinfected.

Ideal for: Saunas.

Added value: They give off a pleasant smell of eucalyptus, which helps users relax and breathe better.

Recommended use: Regularly pour 1 or 2 capfuls of the product per m3 of water in the bucket inside the sauna so that when water is poured onto the heater, an additional fragrance is obtained to that given off by the slow evaporation of the water in the bucket.

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Code Description Spare parts Documents BIM
07927 CTX-81 (eucalyptus essence) 5 l
07929 CTX-83 (mint essence) 5 l
08666 CTX-81 (eucalyptus essence) 25 l
08668 CTX-83 (mint essence) 25 l
20904 CTX-81 (eucalyptus essence) 1 l
21258 CTX-83 (mint essence) 1 l
CTX-81 (eucalyptus essence) 5 l
CTX-83 (mint essence) 5 l
CTX-81 (eucalyptus essence) 25 l
CTX-83 (mint essence) 25 l
CTX-81 (eucalyptus essence) 1 l
CTX-83 (mint essence) 1 l