Solid descaler for cleaning silex filters.
Ideal for: Pools with silex or sand filter beds.
Added value: A solid, acid-based descaler that removes limescale caused by salts in the water and dirt deposited inside sand filters.
Recommended use: For the regular cleaning of silex or sand filters, place 0.5 kg of CTX-55 inside the pump?s prefilter or in the skimmer, set the filter valve to the filtration setting and briefly run the filter for just enough time so that the product reaches the inside of the filter in a dissolved state. Then stop the filter and leave CTX-55 to act for approximately 1 hour and then perform a thorough backwash.

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03127 CTX -55 (solid filter descaler) 15 Kg.
CTX -55 (solid filter descaler) 15 Kg.
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