A chlorine-free oxidising agent for shock treatments that destroy organic contaminants and chloramines. Pools can be used 15 minutes after the shock treatment has been performed.
Ideal for: Pools and spas treated with bromine, as Chloramine Shock converts inert bromine into active bromine, which goes on disinfecting the water.
Added value: Chloramine Shock destroys chloramines and organic matter, as well as preventing the formation of chloramines.
The use of this product keeps limescale at bay and does not damage polyester or vinyl pools.
Recommended use: Shock treatment: add 10 g of the product per m3 of water.
It is recommended that the treatment be carried out every 15?20 days or whenever the water starts to become cloudy.

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03217 CTX-23 Cloramin Shock 5 Kg.
03218 CTX-23 Cloramin Shock 30 Kg.
CTX-23 Cloramin Shock 5 Kg.
CTX-23 Cloramin Shock 30 Kg.
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