Product designed to prolong the disinfecting action of chlorine in pool water disinfected using hypochlorite.
Ideal for: All pool types
Added value: CTX-400 prevents the rapid breakdown of chlorine by the sun?s ultraviolet rays in pools treated with hypochlorite.
Recommended use: Add 4 kg of CTX-400 per 100 m3 of water at the beginning of the season. Whilst the filtration system is running, place the amount of CTX-400 needed inside the skimmers or pump prefilter. Maintain the level of CTX-400 in the water at 30?75 ppm.

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Code Description Spare parts Documents BIM
03225 CTX-400 ClorProtect 25 Kg.
73127 4,5 kg
CTX-400 ClorProtect 5 Kg.
CTX-400 ClorProtect 25 Kg.
4,5 kg