Multi-action liquid active oxygen that disinfects private pools without chlorine to both keep them free of algae and cloudiness.
Ideal for: Pools in which children or people allergic to chlorine swim.
Added value: Chlorine-free product with great oxidising properties that does not irritate the mucous membranes and is effective against all types of algae, whilst also contributing to keeping the water clearer as it helps dead algae and other solid matter in suspension to settle on the pool floor. It is non-foaming and compatible with all types of pool and filters. CTX-110 O2 Triliquid can also be used to enhance other treatments, such as ozone and ultraviolet treatments.
Recommended use: CTX-110 O2 Triliquid should always be added via a dosing pump.
Initial treatment: when the pool has been recently filled with water, add 1 l of CTX-110 O2 Triliquid per 10 m3 of water. Leave for 1 hour and then adjust the water?s pH to between 7.2 and 7.6 using
CTX-10pH- or CTX-20pH+.
Maintenance treatment: once the water?s pH has been adjusted, add the amount of the product needed to keep the level of residual oxygenated water at 20 ppm. If used alongside ozone treatments,
the amount should be reduced to keep the residual level at 2 ppm.
The initial treatment should be repeated whenever the water starts to become cloudy or if algae start to appear on the pool walls. If required alongside a chlorine treatment, the level of CTX-110 O2 Triliquid should firstly be allowed to drop to zero.
In the case of water containing dissolved metals (copper, iron, etc.), treat the water with the CTX-700 descaler before the first treatment using CTX-110 O2 Triliquid.

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21229 CTX-110 O2 Triliquid 30 lt.
CTX-110 O2 Triliquid 30 lt.