Super concentrated sanitiser with a pleasant smell of pine made up of a mixture of various antiseptics and a neutral medium.
Ideal for:
Any surface in sports and leisure facilities, as well as showers, changing rooms, pool copings and floors in general
Added value:
Sanitiser formulated to prevent the transmission of viruses, bacteria and fungi that can arise from the contact of skin with damp, contaminated surfaces.
Recommended use:
Use daily. Do not rinse or dry. Small spaces such as saunas and showers can be closed for around 15 minutes after cleaning in order to disinfect the area at the same time. It is advisable to air spaces
that have been cleaned before they are used again.

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Code Description Spare parts Documents BIM
03220 CTX-74 Surfosan Ultra 5 l
08622 CTX-74 Surfosan Ultra 25 l
CTX-74 Surfosan Ultra 5 l
CTX-74 Surfosan Ultra 25 l