The pool is a special place to enjoy with family and friends, thus it must be a clean, safe place to be, free from being an outbreak of infections

With the usual cleaning it is possible to remove the visible dirt, which affects the aesthetics of the pool. But it does not manage to remove the invisible dirt that affects our health. This invisible dirt is the pathogens (viruses, bacteria and fungi) that can cause diseases. In order to remove these pathogens, we need to disinfect all surfaces, especially the ones that come into contact with our skin: showers, ladders, floor, garden furniture…

A clean pool does not mean it’s disinfected

It is advisable to disinfect regularly to protect ourselves from possible infections.

To help achieve a clean and safe pool, CTX offers you Surfosan,, a range of products aimed at achieving an efficient and complete hygiene of all your pool surfaces.

Why CTX Surfosan?

  • Surfosan is a range of products made for swimming pools. This means that, in case the
    product comes into contact with the pool water, neither the water nor the water
    parameters (pH, chlorine) would be affected.
  • Surfosan offers a respectful sanitization, since it respects all surfaces without damaging them.
  • It doesn’t need rinsing and it is a ready-to-use formula, without previous dissolution.
  • Pleasant pine smell.




– 1l in spray for small surfaces and easy use.

– 5l and 25l for large surfaces



A clean, safe pool with CTX Surfosan