To keep your pool in perfect condition, you need to use additional products that do more than just disinfect.

Whether you use chemicals like chlorine or bromine, or whether you use salt electrolysis, there is a wide range of products available to keep your pool water sparkling clean.

Every week, in addition to disinfecting your pool water you need to maintain it. The use of maintenance products helps to keep the water in perfect condition, prevents the proliferation of algae and foam, and saves you from having to resort to aggressive shock treatments.

Prevention is better than cure!

pH balanced water

One of the most important parameters for ensuring the effectiveness of disinfectants is the pH level of the water. The pH level should always be between 7.2 and 7.6.

In addition to keeping the pool water in perfect condition, pH levels within this range are ideal for swimmers’ eyes and skin. A pH level that is too high or too low makes disinfection less effective, which in turn means adding more products and spending more money, not to mention the health hazards.

To keep the pH level within the appropriate range, test the pH daily using the chlorine and pH test kit or test strips, and add a pH reducer or pH enhancer available in our catalogue as needed.


Clarifiers or flocculants are products that help the filter and/or skimmer absorb the smallest particles by grouping them together, which makes them easier to remove. These products prevent cloudiness and the appearance of foam, and also help to eliminate any oils and creams floating on the water, which in turn keeps the filters running more efficiently.

The concentrated and single-dose formats make them easy to use, thus eliminating the need for complicated calculations and allowing them to act for longer periods of time.

Pool Gel – Single-dose clarifier gel. Add once a month for sparkling clean water.

There are also natural products such as Natural Clarifier by CTX that is made from chitosan (crustacean shells) and is compatible with all kinds of pools, including those with cartridge and diatom filters. The most natural treatment for a sparkling clean pool.

Stopping algae

Even when your pool is disinfected, algae growth can appear caused by chemical residue or external agents such as plants or trees around the pool, rain, sharp temperature changes, etc. To prevent these problems, we recommend using phosphate removal products.

Phosphates are fertilisers that act as nutrients for algae; eliminating the phosphates destroys the algae’s food supply and therefore inhibits growth.

The concentration of phosphates in a pool can be measured using the test strips available in the market. The concentration should be less than 25ppb (parts per billion).

PhossFree by CTX is a natural product that prevents the appearance of algae, which saves you from having to use more aggressive products once the algae appear. The concentrated format saves you money and ensures that each drop of product is used.

Simpler still

CARE PODS are a 3-in-1 maintenance product that that help to eliminate phosphates, clarify water and remove oils and creams in a single POD. Thanks to the single-dose format wrapped in a water-soluble film, they are guaranteed to be safe and easy to use.

Because the pool is there to be enjoyed…