The chemical treatment of water consists in using specific products so that water is kept perfectly clean, germ-free and transparent. Four steps must be followed for proper pool water treatment:

Adjusting the pH

One of the factors that most affects the efficiency of disinfectants is the water’s pH level. It should be between 7.2 and 7.6 at all times.

Apart from keeping a pool in optimum working condition, this range is ideal for bathers’ skin and eyes. If the pH level is too high or too low, disinfectants are less effective and consumers end up using more chemicals, which means spending more money as well as posing a risk to health.

To keep water in this range, it must be tested daily using a chlorine and pH test kit, and then adding a pH reducer or enhancer depending on the results.

Disinfecting the water

Having clean pool water is essential to avoiding health problems. Even if the water is clear and transparent, there will be micro-organisms in it that must be removed through proper disinfection.

The most common methods for disinfecting water are:

• Chlorine:

Chlorine is highly effective in killing a wide range of pathogens that are usually found in pool water and it leaves a residue behind that is easy to measure and control. It is cheap and is a disinfectant that has been successfully used in water treatment for many years.

• Bromine:

Bromine is a powerful oxidant that is ideal for disinfecting pool water to the same degree of efficiency as chlorine. It is extremely effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi, in addition to removing organic impurities from the water. However, in contrast to chlorine it does not give off unpleasant smells or irritate the mucous membranes, and is extremely tolerant to increases in temperature and changes in pH, which makes it ideal for indoor pools, pools with heat pumps and spas.

• Active oxygen:

Active oxygen treatment that consists of the simultaneous use of oxygen-based products alongside an activator. It is compatible with other chlorine- or bromine-based treatments. An active oxygen treatment is certainly not as strong as treatments performed using bromine or chlorine. It is recommended for private pools that undergo thorough, regular maintenance in which children, old people or people allergic to chlorine swim.

In addition to disinfecting pool water every week it must also be maintained. The use of maintenance products helps to keep the water in perfect condition, prevents the proliferation of algae and froam, and saves you from having to resort to aggressive shock treatments.


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Prevention is better than cure!

Clarifying the water

Clarifiers or flocculants are products that help the filter and/or skimmer absorb the smallest particles by grouping them together, which makes them easier to remove. These products prevent cloudiness and the appearance of foam, as well as helping to eliminate any oils and creams floating on the water, which in turn keeps the filters running more efficiently.

The concentrated and single-dose formats make them easy to use, thus eliminating the need for complicated calculations and allowing them to act for longer periods of time.
Pool Gel – Single-dose clarifier gel. Add once a month for sparkling clean water.

There are also natural products such as Natural Clarifier by CTX that is made from chitosan (crustacean shells) and is compatible with all kinds of pools. The most natural treatment for a sparkling clean pool.

Stopping algae

Even when your pool is disinfected, algae growth can appear caused by chemical residue or external agents such as plants or trees around the pool, rain, sharp temperature changes, etc.

To prevent these problems, the use of phosphate removal products is recommended.
Phosphates are fertilisers that act as nutrients for algae; eliminating the phosphates destroys the algae’s food supply and therefore inhibits their growth.

The concentration of phosphates in a pool can be measured using test strips available in the market. The concentration should be less than 25 ppb (parts per billion).

PhossFree by CTX is a natural product that prevents the appearance of algae, which saves you from having to use more aggressive products once the algae appear. The concentrated format saves you money and ensures that each drop of product is used.


Simpler still

In line with the trend to make water treatment easy and ensure that users enjoy their pools to the full, CTX launched CARE PODS in the market this year. A single pod of this 3-in-1 maintenance product helps eliminate phosphates, clarify water, and remove oils and creams.

Thanks to the single-dose format wrapped in a water-soluble film, it is completely safe and easy to use.