Heating your pool becomes a must if you want to extend the swimming season or increase the comfort of the water temperature. A range of different technologies are available to heat all types of pools: indoor and outdoor, new or existing.

There are several technologies on the market that can be used for outdoor pools, where extending the swimming season and continuing to enjoy the pool means heating the water: heat pumps, electric heaters, boilers and solar panels.

Heating indoor swimming pools involves a number of factors: not only must the water be heated but it is essential to control the humidity and indoor air temperature with dehumidifiers as well.

This technology prevents moisture from forming and creating environments unsuitable for users.

Heat pumpsbomba-de-calor-StarLine

Air/water-source heat pumps are the most affordable way to extend the swimming season, capturing heat from ambient air and transferring it to your swimming pool. Their ability to extract energy from the air means these heat pumps produce up to five times the energy they consume, an efficient solution that runs on less energy and is more environmentally friendly.

CTX offers STARLine, a heat pump that provides great value for money. Its excellent performance in low temperatures also makes it particularly ideal for different climates and it can warm pools as large as 80m3.

The pump uses R410a refrigerant, an environmentally friendly option for its zero impact on the ozone layer, to ensure that the cooling circuit runs through its compression and decompression cycles to transfer heat from the ambient air to the pool using the least energy possible.

Heating Pump Configurator

CTX Professional offers you solutions for every type of pool and location. Discover with this application the heat pump that best suits your pool.