A powerful waterline degreaser for pools and spas.
Ideal for: All pool types.
Added value: A specially formulated degreaser for removing scum and dirt from pool edges and walls, and areas around them that may require cleaning.
Recommended use: Apply the undiluted product to a cloth or sponge and rub across the areas to be cleaned. In the case of persistent stains on surfaces near the waterline, it is advisable to lower it so that the product is able to thoroughly clean them off. In areas where limescale has formed, CTX-51 WallCleaner Plus
should be used.

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Código Descripción Recambios Documentos BIM
03221 CTX-75 (waterline degreaser) 1 l
03222 CTX-75 (waterline degreaser) 5 l
03223 CTX-75 (waterline degreaser) 25 l.
CTX-75 (waterline degreaser) 1 l
CTX-75 (waterline degreaser) 5 l
CTX-75 (waterline degreaser) 25 l.
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