• Active oxygen
  • Bromine


Bromine is a halogen and a powerful oxidant that is ideal for disinfecting pool water to the same degree of efficiency as chlorine.

– Great oxidising properties.
– High pH tolerance (up to pH 9).
– Its effectiveness does not diminish if there are nitrogenated compounds in the water.
– Reduces irritation to the eyes and mucous membranes.
– Does not give off unpleasant smells.
– Is less corrosive than chlorine (less volatile, especially at high temperatures).
– Is easy to maintain.
– Is effective as a stand-alone disinfectant.

The combination of bromine with organic amines results in compounds known as bromamines (NHBr), which in contrast to chloramines (combination of chlorine with organic amines) do not diminish the disinfecting properties of bromine. Bromamines do not irritate the eyes or give off unpleasant smells. Bromine has therefore become the most suitable product for treating the water in spas and indoor pools.