Anti-foaming agent. Specially developed to control, prevent and remove any foam that may form in a spa caused by body fat, makeup, body lotions, sun cream, shampoo or detergents in swimming costumes that bathers may introduce into the water.

Ideal for: Spas.

Added value: Liquid in emulsion that is readily dispersed in water. Can be directly added to water that is particularly foamy or to prevent the formation of foam. In the recommended amounts, is compatible with the usual disinfectants used in spas and does not irritate bathers’ skin.

Recommended use: This product can be directly added to the water or as a solution diluted in water in amounts of 5 to 10 cc per m3 of water to be defoamed. The amount to be added will depend on the water turbulence, the amount of foam, temperature, etc., and should be evenly spread across the surface of the water

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Código Descripción Recambios Documentos BIM
03245 CTX-71 (anti-foaming agent) 250 ml
05458 CTX-71 (anti-foaming agent) 5 l
15364 CTX-71 (anti-foaming agent) 1 l
28349 CTX-71 (anti-foaming agent) 25 l
CTX-71 (anti-foaming agent) 250 ml
CTX-71 (anti-foaming agent) 5 l
CTX-71 (anti-foaming agent) 1 l
CTX-71 (anti-foaming agent) 25 l