How to Take Care of Your Pool During Heatwaves

Posted on Thursday, 1 September 2022

Did you know that high temperatures can affect the water quality of your pool, promote the growth of bacteria and algae, and ultimately interfere with your swimming experience? 

But don't worry, by following the tips we offer here at CTX, you can protect your pool during heatwaves.


At this moment, proper maintenance is more crucial than ever. 

Four steps to get the right maintenance for your pool

The four steps to follow to maintain pool water and to achieve perfect water would be the following:

Balance the water


In order to do this, check the water parameters. Elevated temperatures and frequent pool use can cause water parameters to change. We recommend that you regularly monitor pH levels and alkalinity levels. You can use CTX 7-in-1 test strips to do this and adjust the necessary parameters using CTX products (pH Minus/Plus/Alka Plus).



Add chlorine (or the disinfectant you use). High temperatures, intense sunlight, and constant pool usage can lead to faster chlorine consumption. Therefore, it's important to maintain chlorine levels within recommended ranges (free chlorine: 0.5-2ppm) to ensure clean and disinfected water. Use the same CTX 7-in-1 test strips for analysis and CTX Clor Shok granules or tablets to adjust chlorine levels.

Use an algaecide to prevent algae


As mentioned before, high temperatures can promote the growth of algae in the pool, potentially leading to green, brown, or black water if not treated or prevented. So, during the summer, it's important and advisable to apply a preventive algae treatment and monitor frequently. We recommend using CTX-500 Alga Stop for this purpose.

Use flocculants


With heat, the pool collects particles more quickly. Normally these particles cannot be retained by the filter, however flocculants enable the pool’s filters to capture small and tiny articles, removing them from the water ensuring the water remains clean. To prevent the water from becoming cloudy, we recommend CTX Pool Gel.

In addition to these four steps for proper maintenance, you may consider these extra steps:

1. Check water levels


During a heatwave or high temperatures, water can evaporate at a faster rate, leading to unexpected water loss. Therefore, it's advisable to monitor that the water levels remain within the appropriate range in the skimmer or waterline.

2. Filter frequently


Higher temperatures can accelerate water contamination and proliferation of algae and bacterias. Therefore, it's recommended to filter the water for at least 8 to 10 hours per day.

3. Cover the pool


When the pool is not in use, it's recommended to cover it with a solar cover to reduce evaporation, water temperature loss, and the loss of chemical products used.

By following these steps, you'll have effectively mitigated and reduced the impact of high temperatures over you pool water. And remember, if you have any doubts, or concerns, you can always consult a pool professional.