How to keep pool water clean

Posted on Friday, 4 March 2022

Professional tips to learn how to keep pool water clean and balanced throughout the year in just four steps. Find out more!

Looking after pool water is a simple four step process if you have the right products and professional tips from CTX. Our experts have a detailed knowledge of the conditioning, maintenance, disinfection, and water cleaning processes. We also have all of the required products to keep your water hygienic and in a perfect condition, clear and shimmering. 

The correct maintenance of pool water requires four essential steps, which we will see below. Each of these need their own specific product, in order to obtain a balanced and clear water, free from any microorganisms, infections, and algae.

Four steps to keep a pool clean and well balanced

The four steps to follow to look after your pool and achieve the perfect pool water are the following:

Water balance

When balancing out pool water, we need to consider three important parameters: pH, alkalinity (TA), and hardness (TH). 


The pH determines the ionic concentration in the water, meaning how acidic or alkaline it is. This is expressed in numerical values from 0 (high acidity) to 14 (high basicity or alkalinity, and low acidity). The ideal pH value is 7.4, although anywhere between 7.2 and 7.6 is recommended. If the pH is not at the right level it can irritate skin, eyes, mucus, and even corrode pool equipment and damage the efficiency of the disinfectants. It is recommended to analyse this parameter at least once a week. To balance out the pH levels, CTX offers a range of products such as pH enhancers CTX-20 and CTX-25, and the reducers CTX-10 and CTX-15


TA refers to the total alkalinity of the water and its content in carbonates and bicarbonates; this needs to be balanced out to keep the pH stable: a recommended product for this would be the CTX Alka Plus. 


The TH refers to the total hardness of the water, its calcium and magnesium content. This value needs to be balanced correctly, as if it is too low the water is soft: meaning it is aggressive or corrosive for pool equipment, whereas if it is too hard limescale builds up. To prevent limescale, we recommend using products such as CTX 700 Antical Super.


To achieve the perfect pool water it is important to keep it disinfected. For this treatment we can use both chlorine and bromine (which helps prevent bad smells and is especially designed for pools or hot tubs whose frequent use can lead to chlorine allergies), among other products. In regard to the former, we have various products available, which are well priced and efficient. These include slow release chlorine or frequent pool cleaning chlorine (CTX-300/GR ClorLent, CTX-370 ClorLent) or other multi-action products which include disinfectants, flocculants, water clarifiers, algicides, and even descalers. Knowing how to look after a pool also involves knowing about alternate disinfection methods. In regard to bromine, a product which causes less irritation than others on the market, we offer CTX-130. Another alternate disinfectant product is active oxygen, especially recommended for those pools used by older adults, young children, or those with allergies to chlorine.


Even when the pool is well disinfected, there can be a build-up of algae as a result of various factors: chemical and organic waste (with the latter caused by rain, insects, surrounding trees, etc.) There are various types of algae which can appear, mainly causing green or brown coloured water, slick water surfaces, and the overall deterioration of the pool. If there is a recurring algae problem, we recommend checking the phosphate concentration of the water with analysis strips and CTX Phosfree. Among the algicides we have available are the CTX-60 AlgaStop Cristal, which also helps to keep the water clear; the CTX-500 AlgaStop, which is fast acting, or the CTX-500C AlgaStop Power, anti-algae concentrate.


Flocculant is used to keep the pool water clear, glistening, and clean. Some of the main factors leading to the cloudiness of water are algae, organic waste, calcium or magnesium deposits, dust, chemical waste such as sun protection, adverse weather conditions such a polluting rain, etc. CTX offers several flocculants such as Natural Clarifier and Pool Gel. It is important to maintain your pool water with a flocculant as the water filter is unable to stop the miniscule and microscopic particles which can cause the water to go cloudy, which is why the use of this element is essential if we want clear pool water.

Four basic steps: balance, disinfection, algicides, and flocculants.


This is the ABC on how to successfully look after your pool water. Remember that the professionals at CTX and its wide range of products can help you to maintain your pool in optimum conditions, teaching you how to manage and measure out the chemical products required.