CTX-60 AlgaStop Cristal

Prevents the formation and growth of algae

  • Increases water transparency
  • Keeps water looking blue
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Effective fast-acting quaternary ammonium based compound, with a powerful bactericidal, fungicidal and
algicidal action, intended for the prevention and elimination of algae.

CODE Description
03190 5 l
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Instructions for use


Pour the necessary dose of product in a container with water and evenly distribute over the pool water surface.
You should add the product when there are no swimmers in the pool and preferably during the evening.


Initial Treatment: Add 2 L of product per 100m3 of water
The Initial treatment should be repeated whenever the water does not appear transparent.

Maintenance Treatment (preventive): Add 0,5 L of product per 100m3 of water every week

These doses are the ones suggested and can be modified according to the own characteristics of every
swimming pool, climate, etc.

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Product data sheet


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