CTX-370sb Clor Lent boric acid free tablets 250g

Chlorine treatment for disinfecting pools

  • Slow dissolution and continuous disinfection
  • Stable chlorine, lasts longer in the water
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Slow dissolving, highly stabilized solid compound for disinfection and maintenance of crystal clear and hygienically pure water.
In addition, it allows a slower and more homogeneous dissolution of the tablet, avoids peaks (excess) of disinfectant and reduces its consumption. These tablets leave NO residue, reduce the consumption of other chemicals and reduce water consumption for filter cleaning.

Pure Drop Technology allows a controlled and effective disinfection, without residues on the surface and without boric acid.
In our formula we have managed to completely eliminate boric acid. In Pure Drop Technology we have replaced it with another additive that is in no way toxic to health. This substitute makes the tablets last 50% longer, maintaining a controlled and constant release of chlorine.

CODE Description
69866 4 Kg
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Instructions for use


Always adjust the pH before adding chlorine to the water to make it as effective as possible.
Introduce the necessary dose of product inside the skimmers, then start the filtration equipment, so that the product can be dissolved as the water circulates through the skimmers.

It is essential that the entire volume of water in the pool is recirculated through the purifying equipment on a daily basis.
The free residual chlorine should be between 0.5 and 2 mg/l, a value that can be easily measured using a chlorine and pH analyzer kit. This control should be carried out at least twice a day.


Treatment Start of season: Add 15 grams of ClorShock per m3 of water. After 2 hours, adjust the pH of the
water to between 7.2 and 7.6 using ctx 10 pH Minus solid or ctx 20 pH Plus solid.
This treatment should be repeated whenever there is a lack of transparency in the water.

Maintenance treatment: With the pH of the water adjusted, add 1 tablet per 30 m3 of water every 7/ 10 days.
These doses are for guidance only and may be modified according to the characteristics of each pool, climate, etc.

• Toxic for human reproduction: substances that can produce alterations in the capacity to conceive children
(miscarriages, damage to the developing fetus), alter the capacity to breastfeed or produce non-hereditary
negative effects on the development of offspring.
• Toxic to fertility are substances that can alter sexual behavior by decreasing libido, producing erectile or
ejaculation difficulties and altering the menstrual cycle. They can also damage eggs or sperm by decreasing
sperm quantity and quality, damaging the genetic material (eggs and sperm) or producing diseases in the
reproductive organs.

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