CTX-393 MultiAction 5 tablets 250g

Multiaction chlorine treatment for pool maintenance

  • Slow and continuous dissolution
  • Disinfection, anti-algae, flocculant, coagulant, chlorine stabilizer
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Solid compound in tablets, especially thought to make that with its only addition to the water in the swimming
pool, you manage to eliminate all the bacteria, viruses and microorganisms in general. It prevents the weeds
from developing and helps to keep the water clear and transparent.

Product adequate for the swimming pool disinfection built with ceramic materials.
This product can neither be in direct contact with the swimming pools bade with liner, polyester or vinyl, nor with
painted swimming pools because it may cause discolorations.

CODE Description
75143 1 Kg
75144 5 Kg
75145 25 Kg
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Instructions for use


Always adjust the pH before adding chlorine to the water, to make it as effective as possible.

Introduce the necessary product doses inside the skimmers. Connect the filtering equipment after and you will
have the product dissolved in the water, because water will be flowing through the skimmers.
It is necessary that all the water in the swimming pool flow again through the purifier equipment.

The residual free chlorine will have to be placed between 0,5 and 2 mg/l. This value will easily be measured
using an analyzer chlorine and pH case. This control will have to be done twice a day minimum.


Initial treatment: Add 15 grs. of ClorShock for m3 of water. Wait for two hours before adjusting the pH level
between 7,2 - 7,6 using either ctx 10 pH Minus solid or ctx 20 pH Plus solid.
The initial treatment will have to be repeated whenever you notice a lack of transparency in the water.

Maintenance treatment: Once we have the water pH adjusted, add 1 tablet of ctx393 Multi-action 250G for
25 m3 of water for every 7-10 days.

These doses are the ones suggested and can be modified according to the own characteristics of every
swimming pool, climate, etc.

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