Prepare Your Pool Before Going on Vacation

Posted on Tuesday, 25 July 2023

¿Has the time for your vacation come, and you’ve decided to go on a trip, but you’re worried about maintaining your pool while you’re away from home?


Don't worry. Keep reading to discover how to properly treat your pool before going on vacations and avoid issues with your pool when you return.

1. Check the water parameters

Before leaving, check the pH, alkalinity, and hardness levels in your pool water. The pH should be between 7.2 to 7.6 ppm; hardness between 150-130 ppm; alkalinity between 100-150 ppm. You can use CTX 7 in 1 analytical strips to measure these levels. If the levels are not within these recommended ranges, adjust them as needed, starting with alkalinity. CTX Pro offers products like CTX pH Minus to lower pH and alkalinity levels; CTX pH Plus to raise pH levels; CTX Alka Plus to raise alkalinity levels; CTX Calc Plus to raise hardness levels.

2. Add a shock treatment to your pool

If the disinfectant level is not at the recommended level, we recommend using CTX Clor Shock in granules or tablets.

3. Add slow-dissolving chlorine tablets

Like CTX-342 Multiaction 5 Tablets 250 g. By applying this treatment, your pool can continuously disinfect itself while you're away since the tablets dissolve over several days, while gradually disinfecting the water. By adding these tablets to the pool water, you can eliminate bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms.



4. Use an algaecide

Despite previous disinfection of your pool, algae can still appear due to different reasons, such as trees or plants around the pool, temperature changes, etc. Therefore, relying only on disinfectants isn't enough to prevent potential algae growth during your absence; so that is why we recommend using CTX-500 Alga Stop.

5. Use a flocculant

To maintain crystal-clear water while you're away. Although the filtration system captures a lot of the accumulated dirt, many small particles can't be retained by the filtration system (bacteria, organic debris, sunscreen, pollen), causing the water to lose transparency. Flocculant makes these particles larger so they can be caught by the filtration system. We recommend using CTX Pool Gel.

6. Clean the pool

Remove any visible debris such as leaves, branches, or insects, using a pool net or pool vacuum. It's also advisable to brush the walls, surfaces, and pool floor to eliminate any adhered dirt. CTX offers a range of cleaning products for surfaces, such as CTX-51 WallCleaner Plus, CTX-56 Netoline.

7. Cover the pool

Place a well-fitting pool cover to prevent leaves, dust, or other debris from entering. This will also help reduce water evaporation and maintain a more stable temperature.

8. Automate the filtration system

If your pool has an automated filtration system, set it to operate for several hours a day while you're away. This will help keep the water moving and filtered, preventing the growth of bacteria and algae.

9. Adjust the water level

Make sure the water level covers ¾ of the skimmer.


By following these steps, you can enjoy a great vacation and have peace of mind that your pool will have clean and balanced water when you return. Remember, it's important to follow the specific recommendations of your pool manufacturer and use chemical products according to the instructions.