CTX-120 Hypocal

Calcium hypochlorite treatment for disinfecting pools

  • Fast-dissolving
  • Unstabilized chlorine, no cyanuric acid added to the water
  • Suitable for shock and maintenance treatments
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Fast-dissolving granulate compound for disinfection and maintenance of crystalline and hygienically pure water.

CODE Description
03130 CTX-120 Hypocal 5 Kg
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Instructions for use


Adjust such pH before adding chlorine to water, to ensure that the water is more effective.
Introduce the necessary dose of product inside the skimmers and then turn on the filter equipment; in this way
the product will dissolve when it begins to move through the skimmers.
It is also possible to pour the dose of product equally over the surface of the swimming pool, preferably during
the evening and when there are no swimmers in the pool.
The residual free chlorine will have to be placed between 0,5 and 2 mg/l. This value will easily be measured
using an analyzer chlorine and pH case. This control will have to be done twice a day minimum.
This product can neither be in direct contact with the swimming pools bade with liner, polyester or vinyl, nor with
painted swimming pools because it may cause discolorations.


Initial Treatment: Add 15 grs. of product for each m3 of water. After 2 hours, fix the water pH between 7,2-7,6
using ctx 10 pH Minus sólido or ctx 20 pH Plus sólido.
The initial treatment will have to be repeated whenever you notice a lack of transparency in the water.

Maintenance treatment: Once the water pH is fixed, add from 1 to 2 grs., daily of product, for each m3 of
These doses are the ones suggested and can be modified according to the own characteristics of every
swimming pool, climate, etc.

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